BG Boutique Apartments
Your home away home





BG Boutique Apartments opened on November 2017. Its main objective is to give guests (tourists and business people) a confortable place, equippped with all the stuff a home usually has. We have decorated and use ecuadorian products, we want the guests to have a full experience with ecuadorian culture. 

We know how tough it could be to arrived your hotel late and have nothing to eat, no even a cup of hot tea before going to bed; to wake up and don't have your first cup of coffee before everything else  in the morning. We know you might get sick while you are travelling and how uncomfortable it could be if you have only a bedroom in your place of lodging.

"We promise you would feel like

home even away home"

Breakfast served at BG BOUTIQUE 

Breakfast served at BG BOUTIQUE 


In BG Boutique Apartments, you will find the kitchen with everything to cook (even a mini bar bar with food you could get to cook or you can buy your own food), some table games, a charming living room to enjoy; an executive space with a nice desk to work a little bit or check your email from family, a comfy bed to rest and watch HD movies.

Located in the heart of “La Floresta” Town, BG Boutique is located inside a new building, sourrended by local small business which main purpose is culture; and 10 minutes away from Quito Historical Centre.