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10 activities that you can not miss during your visit to Quito

Quito offers a lot of alternatives of attractions and unique activities in the world, from adventures that will elevate your adrenaline to romantic walks through its´ colonial streets. We have compiled ten activities to discover Quito:

  1. Know the First Cultural Heritage of Humanity. A walk through the history of Quito and the legacy of the indigenous and Spanish fusion gave rise to the famed School of Art of Quito. The testimony of a thousand-year-old city that in its Historic Center has the deepest reasons for having obtained this nomination. Stroll and admire its squares, monumental architecture, churches and small shops where the inherited knowledge is still alive. Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the impressive convents and admire the architectural details of the heritage houses on every corner.
  2. Enjoy the view of Quito from 2850 meters above sea level. Quito is known as the "little face of God", do you know why? Prove it when you appreciate the city from different high places, where the landscapes will take your breath away. Visit the Cableway early in the morning and admire the city with the volcanos that watch over it from Cruz Loma. Visit El Panecillo, a strategic place to see Quito from north to south. In the afternoon, just before the night comes, Itchimbia hill becomes a magical space that allows you to see the sunset behind the mountains while the Historical Center lights up at your feet.
  3. Meet and have fun. Quito has an interesting and varied entertainment proposal for all tastes and all ages. Find several options for: restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs in the neighborhoods of La Mariscal, La Floresta, Guápulo and Cumbayá. If you are looking for cultural proposals, check the offer of the City's Museums, the Alabado House, the Wax Museum, Sucre Theater or the House of Music.
  4. Let yourself be enchanted by local traditions and experiences. Four centuries ago, the city was a recognized as the cultural and artistic center in America. We still find in the city several hundred-year-old trades such as chandlers, drawers, hatters, tailors, Hiebateras that guard and preserve ancestral knowledge and share them in their workshops. The emblematic La Ronda street, located in the Historic Center, is the ideal place to meet artisans, try out traditions and games of yesteryear. While traveling, pay attention to every detail and discover the secrets of the memories and traditions behind it.
  5. Experience new gastronomic experiences. Your visit in Quito will not be complete without tasting the offer of chocolates and coffee that are produced in Ecuador. We recommend to try the chocolate combinations with local products such as uvilla, mortiño and others. Quito has a Cloud Forest, considered a 'hot spot' for its high natural richness, which serves as the setting for the Café de Quito.
  6. Taste the best artesanal beer. In a convent in Quito, one of the oldest breweries in America was established. With the arrival of the Franciscan order, five centuries ago, the spike of barley in Ecuador became known.  Currently this drink of malts and different textures has its space in several places that elaborate artesanal beer. Discover the beer route and learn about its elaboration process and the variety of local ingredients that produce unique flavors.
  7. Delight yourself with the Quito Cuisine. The gastronomy of a country should be tasted by every good traveler. The traditional dishes of Quito have a strong Andean and Iberian influence. The "locro" (potato typical soap), the dry goat, "fritada" (pork meat dish), "empanadas", the chili sauces, the juices and the "helado de paila" (ice cream hand made" are some of the "must see". Find out the colorful markets with the most amazing variety of products and traditional recipes. You will also find a wide variety of options in international cuisine.
  8. Feel the thrill of being in two hemispheres at the same time. This is the capital closest to the sun with its 2,850 meters above sea level and it is also the only place where you can experience the energy of the center of the world as you walk along the equatorial line at the point of Latitude 0 ° 0'0 ' ' This privileged geographical location gives Quito a waste of kindness that is evident in the climate and natural wealth.
  9. Contemplate the beauty and richness of the fauna and flora. Escape from the city and discover, a few kilometers from Quito, the nature reserves and conservation areas that surround the area. Yunguilla, the Maquipucuna Protective Forest, the El Pahuma Reserve, the Cayambe-Coca National Park. In the northwest, the Cloud Forest is one of the paradises for bird watching, where more than 500 species live, with a special predominance of the quindes or hummingbirds and where the spectacled bear lives, an iconic animal of the city.
  10. Venture in nature. One hour away, in the surroundings of Quito, you can enjoy activities located in the páramos of the Andes: hot springs, hiking, mountaineering, agrotourism and horseback riding in haciendas and much more. If your thing is the bicycle, decide on the various mountain trails and discover the natural gems of the surroundings on the routes of Chaquiñán, Lloa-Palmira and many more.

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